Live Broadcast

Increase your audience! Make your TV channel available anywhere in the world. Your own mobile application is not only a modern tool of delivering content to your audience but also a new ground for advertisement.

TV Guide

Your application will be integrated with a TV schedule connected with the calendar of your device. The Electronic TV Guide (ETG) will let your viewers be informed about the current TV shows, also it will give them an ability to set reminders about the favorite shows.

Social Networks

Combine the news feeds of all social networks. Because of the full integration of Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram, viewers will have access to all your content through a single application. Be in touch with your audience!

Push Messages

Interact with the audience, using push-notification. Tell them about interesting events and programs with a single click. Do not wait for the audience to join you, take a first step and join them, by letting them know what is expected on the radio show.